Monday, September 14, 2015


We're very excited to announce that McLean School in Maryland has adopted Jessica Lahey's The Gift of Failure for their faculty's Academic Reading Group.  In addition, for the first time this year, McLean is extending the invitation to parents as well.  They will hold two discussions about the book, culminating with a talk given by the author in November.  Given the overprotectiveness that parents often display currently, The Gift of Failure delivers a very important message for anyone who has a hand in nurturing children.

Parents want their children to succeed.  However, through the very best of intentions, parents often wind up sabotaging their own children's chances at long-term success.  Jessica Lahey delivers the ultimate manifesto about this paradox in The Gift of Failure.  By rushing to their children's defense and fighting their battles for them, parents are doing their children a disservice by preventing them from failing.  It is through failure that we gain wisdom, determination, and a renewed appreciation for the end goal.

The book deals primarily with parents, but if you're a teacher, you know that your students sometimes feel like your children, and you want to maximize their chances at success.  Lahey's message applies to teachers as well as parents.  Rather than scold overprotective parents, she offers strategies on how to be supportive while leaving room for failure and, ultimately, growth.

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