Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nadia Hashimi speaks to AAUW group about "The Pearl That Broke Its Shell"

Nadia Hashimi, author of The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, recently spoke with the Naperville Area Branch of the American Association of University Women in Illinois about the subjugation of females in her book.  Members had read The Pearl The Broke Its Shell, and were pleased to have the opportunity to meet with Nadia to discuss her work and the issues she talks about in it.

AAUW focuses heavily on pushing and empowering women through education, so Nadia's work invited fruitful and relevant discussion on the role of women, both what it is and what it should be.  The group said that, "although most of the time they felt sad and very concerned about the outcome for each character, there is an element of hope at the end of each woman’s story that mitigates the sorrow."

Nadia continues her involvement with AAUW in the fall, when she will be a guest speaker at a luncheon.

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