Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Introducing the HarperAudio Presents Podcast

We’re happy to bring your attention to the HarperAudio Presents podcast, a weekly conversation with our authors and editors that gives listeners new perspectives on the world of books, culture and the arts. 
You might want to assign some of the podcasts as a listening assignment for your students. Featured clips include Howard Zinn and Matt Damon reading from Zinn’s classic, A People’s History of the United States, Dylan Thomas reading A Child’s Christmas in Wales, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis reading Every Tongue Got to Confess, and more.
You can also hear Maira Kalman talk about her Proust book club, learn where Richard Ford stores his writing notebooks, listen as Jennifer Robson tells you what influence her father has on her writing,  discover how Lauren Oliver feels about her sister, and learn how Jim Boeheim felt coaching the 6-overtime game in the Big East tournament. 
Please click here to go to iTunes and subscribe to the free podcast.

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