Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Obituary for Carl N. Degler

Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Neither Black nor White, Carl N. Degler passed away over the holidays at the age of 93. Degler was the Margaret Byrne Professor of American History Emeritus at Stanford University and the author of seven books. 

His work, Out of Our Past, was hailed by Jacob Cohen in The Nation as "the finest one-volume interpretation of American history extant," and is widely used in classrooms across the country. Offering conflicting viewpoints, Degler's Out of Our Past presents students with a comprehensive view of American History. Degler, a former president of the American Historical Association, is known for his perceptive look at history and illuminating the roles of women and minorities often ignored in traditional texts. He encouraged his students and readers to look at history with an open mind and delve deeper in order to expand on earlier accounts. 

To read the full New York Times obituary for Carl N. Degler click here.

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