Friday, June 13, 2014

Common Core Cluster - SCIENCE VS NATURE

From the dawn of scientific discovery scientists have ventured beyond imagination reaching farther into space, deeper into Earth's core and unlocking many of the mysteries surrounding human life. The question for scientists today (and for the future) is no longer can we, but should we--a questions long echoed within literature. Before DNA profiling, GPS location and cloning, there was Victor Frankenstein and his monster. From her imagination, Mary Shelley created a mad scientist whose personage would be reflected again and again in cautionary stories of man attempting to control nature. 

These thought-provoking stories are not only wildly entertaining for students, but carry with them important discussion topics for the future of science as we know it. The non-fiction titles in this Common Core cluster help compliment these classic tales with the both positive and unsettling real-world implications. The imaginations of Aldus Huxley, Mary Shelley and Michael Crichton emphasize ethical questions echoed in What Should We Be Worried About?, Present at the Future, Clone, and Radioactive

Sample Discussion Questions:
Discuss the advances in science as they relate to the society described in Brave New World.

Of the many predictions described in Next, which have come to pass and which do scientists believe are on the horizon according to Clone and Present at the Future?

Victor Frankenstein set out to advance science, and through the course his obsession created a monster. How does Frankenstein's journey relate to Marie Curie and the controversial invention of nuclear power?

What role does science play in The Andromeda Strain? Is it wholly positive or negative? Use examples from the non-fiction titles to support your answer.

Pick one of the essays in What Should We Be Worried About? and discuss your thoughts as they relate to one of the fiction titles.

For more information on this Common Core cluster and more be sure to visit our Common Core site! Click here for more on Brave New World, Frankenstein, Next, The Andromeda Strain, What Should We Be Worried About?, Present at the Future, Clone and Radioactive.

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