Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Students Essential Guide to NYC!

Last month marked the release of Nathan W. Pyle's NYC Basic Tips & Etiquette. An Ohio transplant, Pyle has decided that after four and a half years in New York, he would share the lessons he's learned with the rest of the world. Pyle used his artistic skills as an illustrator and T-shirt designer to bring his rules and tips to life. Each quirky panel demonstrates the must-know etiquette for surviving in a city of eight million people. This fun and entertaining book has turned into a sensation and is even serving as a how-to guide for ESL students and college freshman. Just this month Hunter College in NYC has adopted NYC Basic Tips & Etiquette for its incoming freshman. 
The value of this book cannot be underestimated, when I moved to New York a year ago to participate in a post-grad summer school class, I would have loved to find all the unwritten rules of New York laid out in such a convenient and humourous way! It is perfect for international students, who will undoubtedly feel the culture shock of moving to the United States, and all the incoming students who will find that the culture of New York is one all its own.

For more information on Nathan W. Pyle, click here. To see more about NYC Basic Tips & Etiquette, check out its Facebook Page

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