Monday, October 7, 2013

ORPHAN TRAIN Chosen as a High School Freshman Read!

Orphan Train By Christina Baker KlineWe just received some really exciting news: Christina Baker Kline’s OrphanTrain has been adopted as a freshman common read at a high school in Waynesville, Missouri. The book will serve as the centerpiece of their interdisciplinary unit, where students will write research papers on everything from immigration to the foster care system.
Orphan Train tells the story of the unlikely bond between Molly, a 17-year-old foster care kid hoping to avoid juvie, and of Vivian, who spent time on little known orphan trains as a child—two women united in their courage and their resilience in the face of childhood trauma. 
We think this book is a wonderful pick for freshman common reads, both in high school and in college, as students will be captivated by the strong characters, and the forgotten piece of American history. Kline will be attending the First-Year Experience annual conference with us this February, acting as a speaker at our Monday night dinner. If you would like to RSVP to any of our events in San Diego, please click here.

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