Monday, August 19, 2013

Updates to Gilbert King's Fall Travel Schedule

Devil in the Grove By Gilbert KingA gripping true story about murder, rape, racism, and the law, Gilbert King’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Devil in the Grove follows one of America’s most heated court cases, and paints a rare, unparalleled portrait of Thurgood Marshall, arguably the greatest American lawyer of 20th century. Just as he was about to bring the landmark suit Brown v. Board of Education to the Supreme Court, Marshall risked his life to save a young black man slated for the electric chair—exonerating him, against all odds, from dying for a crime he did not commit.  

Following his Pulitzer win, King has been speaking all over the country, and will continue to do so this fall. For those of you who would love to see him, here are some highlights from his fall travel schedule:

September 4: King will be at the University of Virginia to address The Forum, a one-hour public-affairs television program taped before a live audience and broadcast on more than 100 public television stations across the country. 

September 26: He's speaking to a large crowd at the NYS Writer's Institute at the University of Albany.

October 26: King travels to the Tampa Book Festival.

And he'll be at the Miami Book Fair in late November.

For more updates from King, you can check out his blog here

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