Monday, May 6, 2013

Course Adoption: Victor Cha's THE IMPOSSIBLE STATE

The Impossible State By Victor ChaVictor Cha’s The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future just got adopted in a course on modern Korea!

The Impossible State is the definitive account of the most secretive country in the world, written by the much-lauded professor and former White House Official, Victor Cha. The volume, published last year, explores how, in a world that has seen the collapse of the Soviet Union and its socialist satellites, North Korea has managed to maintain its tenuous hold. Filled with anecdotes from his time in North Korea, where he served as the US Deputy Head of Delegation for the Six Party Talks, Cha’s book is a comprehensive guide to modern North Korea, from its seemingly endless war with its southern neighbor, to its decimated economy, to its nuclear pursuits and threats. Cha ultimately warns of its regime’s potential collapse under Kim Jung-Un—a fall for which America and its allies may be woefully unprepared.

With all the nuclear threats coming out of Pyongyang in recent months, this should be a really fascinating course. It’s odd that a country could be in the news so much, yet still be so seemingly inscrutable, and The Impossible State does a wonderful job combatting the mystery.

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