Monday, March 11, 2013

Updated Film Studies Catalog

The Friedkin Connection By William FriedkinOur Film Studies catalog and just been updated with two wonderful new additions: The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir by Oscar-winning director William Friedkin and Zero Dark Thirty: the Shooting Script by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Mark Boal.

The Friedkin Connection, written by one of the legendary directors (The French Connection and The Exorcist) who ushered in Hollywood’s second Golden Age in the 1970s, takes readers on a journey through the numerous chance encounters and unplanned occurrences that led a young man from a poor urban neighborhood to success in one of the most competitive industries and art forms in the world.

One of the most critically acclaimed and controversial films of the past year, Zero Dark Thirty highlights the hunt for Osama bin Laden, which preoccupied the world and two American presidential administrations for more than a decade. The script uncovered significant parts of the highly secretive intelligence operation that eventually brought bin Laden down—a true testament to Boal’s powers as not just a screenwriter, but a journalist as well.

Click on the links above to take a closer look at the two new additions, or to begin browsing the Film Studies catalog as a whole. 

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