Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Still By Lauren F. WinnerFor the religious studies professors out there, we'd like to draw your attention to a wonderful memoir on the murky "middle-stage" of spiritualityStill: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisiswhich just came out in paperback this month. Written by Lauren F. Winner, author of the critically acclaimed Girl Meets God, Still is the remarkably rare, candid, and ultimately hopeful examination of a crisis of faith.

After experiencing the death of her mother and a failed marriage, Winner found her sense of religion slipping away. But instead of abandoning Christianity completely, she committed herself to an in-depth exploration of its texts and tomes, and underwent counseling by church leaders. Through investigating her own struggle with the gray areas of faith and emerging stronger for it, Still is an inspirational tale for all spiritual travelers, which teaches how, in times of great darkness, we may see the light we do encounter more clearly.

If you're interested, click here to begin browsing the book, or check out Lauren F. Winner's revealing interview in Publishers Weekly here!

Praise for Lauren F. Winner's Still:

“Anyone committed to truly examining the shape of personal faith, unfolding over the years in a broken world, should sense a fruitful opportunity, if not a solemn obligation, to expound at length…[Winner] probes these depths as deftly and eloquently as anyone writing today… An instant spiritual classic.”—Christianity Today

“[A] provocative memoir . . . an open, honest contemplation of a spiritual impasse.”—Kirkus Reviews

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