Thursday, March 7, 2013

Harold Holzer's LINCOLN on

Lincoln: How Abraham Lincoln Ended Slavery in America By Harold published a rave review of Lincoln:  How Abraham Lincoln Ended Slavery in America, preeminent Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer’s official companion book to Steven Spielberg’s Academic Award-winning movie, Lincoln. Holzer served as a content consultant on the film, and has authored, co-authored, and edited an amazing forty-two books, including Emancipating Lincoln, Lincoln at Cooper Union, and three award-winning books for young readers: Father Abraham: Lincoln and His Sons; The President Is Shot!; and Abraham Lincoln, The Writer.  
Home Education Magazine reader Mary Krawczyk writes:
“Holzer portrays Lincoln as both the very human and very heroic man that he was.  My nine and twelve year old kids looked forward to our read aloud sessions each day and agree that it’s a truly interesting book.  They specifically noted that while the book includes a lot of details about Lincoln’s struggles to end slavery, it never gets bogged down or boring.  This fascinating book is recommended for children 9 and up, and adults too.  With Lincoln set to be released on DVD in late March, families viewing the film at home could read this book to extend their experience.”
Holzer's Lincoln is especially suited for teenage students, and gives a closer, fast-paced look at one of our greatest presidents. Coupled with a glut of primary source material—from letters to memoirs to speeches and other documents—Holzer traces Lincoln's shifting opinions towards slavery from his boyhood onwards, and how he weighed those feelings against the contemporaneous American political landscape. The book includes historical photos, a chronology, a historical character list, text of several major speeches and documents, a reading list, and a behind-the-scenes photo section of the movie.

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