Thursday, March 7, 2013


Cartoon Guide to Genetics by Larry GonickWe love Larry Gonick’s The Cartoon Guide to Genetics as an alternative guide to genetics for high school students, and we're not the only ones: The Cartoon Guide to Genetics received a great review on, which is affiliated with Home Education Magazine. HEM reader Patti Bukowski wrote:
“First of all, this isn’t a book that teaches your children how to draw cartoons as they learn about genetics. (They won’t be learning how to draw DNA strands or chromosomes here.) The emphasis of this book isn’t on learning the material through drawing; the emphasis is on learning the material through a more accessible means. Since graphic novels (a.k.a. comics) are a big trend in young adult and teen books right now, this is a good way to get students interested in a complex topic. I like that, as it is bound to grab the attention of some students who might otherwise skip the topic altogether.”

All of our Cartoon Guides are wonderful additions to the classroom or for homeschooling. Students who are having trouble with a subject or just need a refresher before a big exam will find everything they need to not only ace the test but to truly understand the subject matter. These graphic books follow the trajectory of traditional textbooks, but do so with a lot of humor and fun for their student-readers. 

Other popular titles in Larry Gonick’s collection include The Cartoon Guide to Physics, The Cartoon Guide to Calculus, The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry, and The Cartoon Guide to Statistics. If you’re interested in more of the Cartoon Guides, you can check them out here.  

Praise for The Cartoon Guide to Genetics:
"If you can't learn Mendelian genetics from this text, I guess you never will."New Scientist

Well, that sums it up!

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