Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FRENCH KIDS EAT EVERYTHING Receives Rave Review from Sociology Professor

French Kids Eat Everything By Karen Le BillonKaren Le Billon, author of French Kids Eat Everything, just forwarded us a note that she received from a professor about her book, and we thought we'd share it with you:

"I am a Sociology professor and a mother of two toddlers.  I initially read your book as a mother, but I decided that it would be perfect for my students to learn about 'culture' in my Introductory Sociology class.  I have used it two for quarters now and it is hands down a hit with them.  They love the book and I love teaching it because it so perfectly demonstrates how eating practices are not simply a matter of individual tastes, genetics, willpower, etc. but a product of social rituals and structures.  So many lightbulbs go off in their heads as they become aware of how they/we have been trained to eat as Americans.  Their feedback indicates that it is a perspective-changing and inspirational experience for them, and I wonder whether you might target university students (Sociology and Anthropology for sure, and perhaps even Psychology) as an audience - and not just concerned parents! Thank you so much for the wonderful text."—Professor Judith Randle, Santa Clara University 
The hardcover of French Kids Eat Everything is available now, the paperback will be available this September!  

More Praise for French Kids Eat Everything:

“It takes a brave couple to move two picky–eater kids into a French small town and convert them to foodie omnivores. We have much to learn from European food traditions, and the contrast between French and North American school lunches is a striking example. A must–read for teachers and parents.”Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University and author of What to Eat

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