Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Presenting the Louise Erdrich Catalog!

The Round House By Louise ErdrichWe're very excited to announce the newest addition to our online catalog collectionErdrich: The Works of Louise Erdrich! Encompassing all of Erdrich's published work, the catalog boasts eighteen titles, including two poetry collections (Baptism of Desire and The Original Fire), a short story collection (The Red Convertible), and a personal memoir (The Blue Jay's Dance). And, of course, it features Ms. Erdrich's much-celebrated fourteen novels, including the 2012 National Book Award Winner for Fiction, The Round House.

Louise Erdrich is truly one of the most distinguished authors of our time, and is consistently one of our most adopted authors in literature, creative writing, and Native American studies courses. We're so happy to be able to present her complete works all in one place, so click on catalog tab on the right to begin browsing!

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