Thursday, October 25, 2012

Louise Erdrich Featured in Poets and Writers Magazine

We just received a copy of the November/December issue of Poets and Writers Magazine, and were thrilled to see one of our favorite authors, Louise Erdrich, chosen for an in-depth story written by Kevin Nance. A truly prolific author (she's published fourteen novels, seven children's books, three poetry volumes, three non-fiction books, and one story collection), Erdrich has no intention of slowing down, which is music to our ears.

Interestingly, the article suggests that her age (though she's only 58) and her personal health history (including a breast cancer scare) have influenced the direction of her plot development, which, in her last two books, has taken an almost unrecognizably linear path. Erdrich confesses that she has too much to say about the Native American community – she’s almost overflowing with new book ideas – and feels that the shift to linear stories may have aided her in addressing these ideas more quickly. Though the direct development of her latest narratives may be novel, however, Erdrich’s undeniable literary brilliance remains, and will surely recapture the admiration of her longstanding fans.
Erdrich’s newest book, The Round House, released by Harper in October, is more politically charged than most of her previous novels, focusing on an issue in Native American communities that she feels must be addressed: rape on reservations. Particularly, the story focuses on the difficulties of prosecuting a Non-native perpetrator for crimes committed on reservation land, and the lasting effects of this judicial stagnation on those affected. Influenced by real life incidents and interviews, Erdrich’s newest novel is a must-read, and an irrefutable contribution to the Native American literary canon to which she has already contributed so much.

See her interview below with Prairie Public Broadcasting while promoting The Round House:

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