Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Helping Students Achieve their Potential: Dr. Deborah Kenny's BORN TO RISE

BORN TO RISE by Deborah Kenny
Dr. Deborah Kenny's Born to Rise: A Story of Children and Teachers Reaching Their Highest Potential describes the development and planning of the Harlem Village Academies, the network of charter schools which she founded. Dr. Kenny believed that it was essential to build a school environment where students take ownership of their learning and grow to become intellectually sophisticated, wholesome in character, and fiercely independent thinkers.

By observing public and private schools—both successful, and not—and speaking with other school leaders, Dr. Kenny believed that the principles behind progressive education should be the model for Harlem Village Academies. Born to Rise is a practical manifesto, explaining in great detail how Dr. Kenny’s vision came to be, and how the Harlem Village Academies is preparing a generation of students to be successful members of society who make a difference.

However, I feel that Dr. Kenny can characterize her mission better than anyone else. I invite you to read an excerpt from Born to Rise (pg. 82), describing the Harlem Village Academies’ vision:

We are persuaded that the marks of a successful student are precise thought, the ability to speak rationally and write clearly, summoning evidence to support one’s arguments, and accede graciously, when appropriate, to stronger opinions. The mastery of these habits of scholarship simultaneously requires and fosters the intellectual capacity and moral virtues necessary for students to become active and thoughtful democratic citizens.
Born to Rise has also received incredibly high praise:

“Deborah Kenny’s inspiring story holds powerful lessons for parents, teachers, administrators, and elected officials across the country.”

— Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“Our country needs more schools like Harlem Village Academies.”

— Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

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