Friday, January 13, 2012

What is America's number one concern in the polls? UNEMPLOYMENT

WHERE DID THE JOBS GO--AND HOW DO WE GET THEM BACK? by Scott Bittle and Jean JohnsonIn Where Did the Jobs Go—and How Do We Get Them Back?, Scott Bittle, executive editor of the Public Agenda Online, and cowriter Jean Johnson provide students with an entertaining, easy-to-read nonpartisan primer on the nation’s jobs crisis.

Currently, the political discussion about jobs is a morass of posturing, blame and ideology. Where Did the Jobs Go—and How Do We Get Them Back? is a basic guide to the jobs issue written specifically for those who aren’t economists, financiers, or policy wonks working for think tanks. It’s designed to help students sift through the political rhetoric for context and clarification—and it shares some ideas that aren’t being raised by politicians, but which could be crucial to turning the U.S. jobs picture around.

While the topic is serious, solving it doesn’t have to be. Featuring chapters entitled “Has America Lost Its Mojo?”and “Just the Facts, Ma’am,”this book is anything but dry. By applying the same winning approach they used to irreverently explain the federal budget crisis in Where Does the Money Go?, Bittle and Johnson will use pop culture to help define the fundamental concepts that shape the varying economic and jobs proposals. They cover proposals from the political left, right, and center—balancing the budget, cutting taxes, cutting bureaucracy, reviving manufacturing, improving education, starting a major national infrastructure project, closing the gap between rich and poor—and try to help students understand risks, costs, and trade-offs associated with each of them as ways to create jobs. They also offer an in-depth look at the truths and lies frequently thrown around about jobs and technology, globalization, immigration, Baby Boomers, and more.

To consider for course adoption, you may examine Where Did the Jobs Go—and How Do We Get Them Back? (paperback, $16.99, 9780061715662) in print format by filling out our online promotion response form or you may request a Digital Review Copy.

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