Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reading Recommendations from Creative Writing Professor

Like many of you, Salvatore Pane—Creative Writing professor at the University of Pittsburgh—gets great joy out of recommending authors to students. Pane gives students authors to read in the hopes that they see echoes of their own work. By placing students’ work in conversation with their “established counterparts,” Pane wants to stoke their enthusiasm and help them develop as writers. We were excited to learn that Pane suggested several authors from our Harper Perennial imprint as literary role models for students in his courses. His recommendations included:

Pane also stresses to his students the importance of literary journals—and becoming active literary citizens, emphasizing that reading others work is just as important as submitting your own. As his model literary citizen, Pane uses Blake Butler, editor of the literature blog HTMLGiant as well as the journals Lamination Colony and No Colony.

What authors have you recommended to your students this year? Check out his list—did Pane miss any?

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