Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Students Empowered by Conor Grennan's LITTLE PRINCES

LITTLE PRINCES by Conor Grennan

I was so pleased recently to hear from Nancy at St. Bonaventure University. She and I have been in touch several times over the last few months after her school chose Conor Grennan’s Little Princes for their "All Bonaventure Reads" program. She kindly wrote to me and shared some feedback on how well the book worked and how wonderful Conor was when he came to campus last week.

All of the first-year students were asked to read the book and, as their first college assignment, write a reflection. The institution selected the top 13 essays, and published them in a hardcover keepsake book—with copies given to each of the students as well as Conor. Reading through the essays, I was very impressed by how succinctly the students captured exactly what Little Princes hopes to impress upon its readers. Some of the excerpts I found most powerful include:
-          "I want to be there for others, I want to make a difference. I noticed myself going the extra mile for others more after reading this book. What more of a connection can you develop from a book than producing real-life results?"

-          "This book is about discovering where your home and heart lie. For Conor, Nepal became his home and the hundreds of lost Nepalese children hold a special place in his heart. This only reinforces my belief that through service we can better understand not only the world, but ourselves as well. Anything you do will help you in some way and you will only learn from the experience. I am glad I have been able to hear about this wonderful journey."

-          "It is the work of Conor Grennan and his colleagues that give hope to everyone. Little Princes is one of the most inspirational stories I have ever read, and I am grateful for the experience."

-         "The overall focus of the book gives way to individual lessons that can be applied to anyone’s life and stories. For example, Conor may not be able to help the entire country of Nepal, but he proved that one person can truly make a difference—little by little."

-          "The next four years of my life are going to be the beginning of my ‘good journey.’ I can’t wait to learn about myself and realize what I want out of life. Reading about Conor’s passion makes me want to do good things in the world and I hope that I will get some sort of opportunity to travel to somewhere like Nepal. I don’t know where my life will take me but I’m ready to start my journey, just like Conor did."

For more information on Little Princes’ success at St. Bonaventure University—as well as details on his visit—you can visit the following page.

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