Friday, October 14, 2011

Galley Giveaway: THE MOMENT, Edited by Larry Smith, Shows The Profound Impact of a Single Moment

THE MOMENT edited by Larry Smith
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The creators of  the New York Times bestselling Six-Word Memoirs are back with The Moment—stories of how a single moment dramatically changed the contributors’ lives. This collection of 125 personal stories from 125 writers and artists is powerfully moving, offering unexpected insight into how our lives hinge upon a single, defining moment.
The contributors, ranging from the famous to the obscure, include Dave Eggers, Melissa Etheridge, Jennifer Egan, Elizabeth Gilbert, And many more!

Many of us think our lives follow a path, either fated, or one that comes from a route we engaged on and then strive to follow. But in fact so much of our existence results from a single moment or decision that was made on a whim, even randomly. The Moment is a collection of stories about how a single instant—a single decision, happenstance, accident, call, conversation, letter, or tweet—changed everything, for better or worse.

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