Thursday, September 1, 2011

Now in Paperback: THE RISE AND FALL OF COMMUNISM by Archie Brown

THE RISE AND FALL OF COMMUNISM by Archie BrownTwenty years ago—over Labor Day weekend—I was the lone staff member at our exhibit booth at the American Political Science Association's annual meeting when the Soviet Parliament voted to suspend the activities of the Communist Party in the USSR—following the failed coup by party officials attempting to remove Gorbachev from office. The exhibit hall was buzzing with excitement—and local reporters flooded the hall to speak to the experts who were—very conveniently—meeting in Washington, DC.

I don’t know if Archie Brown, Emeritus Professor of Politics at Oxford University, attended APSA that year—but he is one of the experts those reporters would have sought out for a comment. In The Rise and Fall of Communism, Brown draws on more than forty years of research on a wealth of new sources to trace the story of Communism from its 19th-century roots to its expansion and decline in the 20th century.

The Rise and Fall of Communism—now in paperback—has already received great praise:

“Only Archie Brown, with his unsurpassed knowledge of the theory, history, and comparative practice of Communism throughout the world, could have written the masterful, indispensible
—Alfred Stepan, Wallace S. Sayre Professor of Government, Columbia University

“It is easy to be polemical about communism. Mr. Brown strives to be fair-minded. . . . As a single-volume account of mankind's biggest mistake, Mr. Brown’s book is hard to beat.”
The Economist

If you would like to consider The Rise and Fall of Communism (Ecco: 9780061138829, paperback, $19.99) for one of your courses, please let us know by filling out our desk copy form.

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