Friday, September 2, 2011

THE MEANING OF THE BIBLE--Coming in November

Although it won’t be published until November, I have two preprints of The Meaning of the Bible: What the Jewish Scriptures and Christian Old Testament Can Teach Us by Douglas A. Knight and Amy-Jill Levine that I will give to the first two people who email us. Remember to give us your mailing address—and the offer is good only in the United States.

Meanwhile, let me tell you why we’re so excited about The Meaning of the Bible: Two leading Biblical scholars and professors from Vanderbilt University Divinity School guide students through the Hebrew scriptures, or Old Testament as Christians call it, highlighting the themes with which all of us continue to struggle:
  • human evil and God's response
  • war, law, and politics
  • women and sexuality
  • Israel and other nations
  • practical wisdom and apocalyptic vision
Knight and Levine open students’ eyes to the riches of one of the greatest collections of literature—showing how it is as relevant today as it was 2,500 years ago.

“Knight and Levine have written a winsome, accessible introduction to the theological thought of the Hebrew Bible. With a congenial exhibit of critical scholarship, they remain, in their thematic approach, at a descriptive level. But they allow room for and affirm the ways in which the biblical text can fund and form on-going interpretations in faith, both Jewish and Christian. This sort of irenic, thoughtful linkage of criticism and interpretation within a confessing tradition is exactly what we most need in Scripture reading.”
—Walter Brueggemann, Professor Emeritus, Columbia Theological Seminary

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