Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mathematics from a Christian Perspective

MATHEMATICS THROUGH THE EYES OF FAITH by James Bradley and Russell HowellMathematics Through the Eyes of Faith—one in a series of books cosponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities—is designed to help students and teachers understand how the interplay of mathematics and Christian belief can enrich the study of both.

With respect for the history and ever-changing applications of mathematical principles, James Bradley and Russell Howell, along with a team of fellow scholars, invite students to reconsider the generally-held belief that mathematics is all about numbers and formulas, with no religious significance—an attitude that belies the faith-based work of thinkers from Plato to Newton.

Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith invites students to reawaken their sensitivity to the spiritual matters raised by the study of mathematics by exploring such questions as:
  • What is the relationship between chance and divine providence?
  • Do concepts like infinity point beyond themselves to a higher reality?
  • Is mathematics discovered or invented, and why is it effective in the sciences?

If you would like to consider Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith (HarperOne: 978-0-06-202447-3, paperback, $19.99) for one of your courses, please let us know by filling out our desk copy form.

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