Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happiness on Campus

THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen RubinThis month, Harvard reached out to incoming students with a Happiness Awareness Day to promote well-being-focused resources on campus—especially to the freshman class, a group that is very vunerable to stress and anxiety.

In an ongoing effort to promote happiness at Harvard, there is also a student-driven initiative “to promote student prioritization of wellbeing and fun” called The Happiness Project—and—happily, one of the resources they recommend is Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project and their website has a link to her Happiness Project Toolbox.

This isn’t the first time that students have recommended Gretchen’s book to their peers or to their professors. And, doesn’t that solve one of the biggest problems professors have with their students? Here is a book your students will READ!

Plus, The Happiness Project is a book that professors are reading and recommending. Here’s a terrific article by Natalie Houston, associate professor of English at the University of Houston, from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

If you would like to consider The Happiness Project (Harper Paperbacks: 978-0-06-158326-1, $14.99) for one of your classes—or—perhaps for your entire freshman class to read, please let us know by filling out our desk copy form.

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  1. I'm a college librarian; this may be smart for us to have on hand!