Thursday, September 8, 2011

From a Region in Turmoil: Gerry Hadden's NEVER THE HOPE ITSELF

In Never the Hope Itself: Love and Ghosts in Latin America and Haiti Gerry Hadden, former NPR Correspondent for Mexico, Latin America, and Haiti, tells the story behind the stories, putting your students in the middle of the action as he reports on a region in great turmoil. Hadden tells interspersing stories of Mexicans attempting deadly border crossings, Guatemalans fighting well-funded gun smugglers, and Haitians searching for hope amid a bloody and destructive coup.

With journalistic prowess, Hadden works his beat even after the region is largely abandoned and most foreign bureaus are shut down in the wake of 9/11. During this time, he documents overlooked and extraordinary events, striving to unearth the real story that Americans needed to hear. Your students will be hard-pressed to find a better example of what life as a foreign correspondent in a war torn region is like than with Never the Hope Itself.

Here’s a few examples of the kind of praise Never the Hope Itself has received:

“Radio news won’t be the same again. Suddenly, the voice has a face, and it’s unforgettable. Former NPR reporter Gerry Hadden reminds us that the back story to the news story has its own narrative and one that’s more revealing, compelling and honest, than the stuff we hear and see out of some box. Never the Hope Itself is a welcome antidote to the bullshit of the bullets-and-balls memoirs oozing out of so many journalists these days.”—Rory Nugent, author of Down at the Docks

“Hadden brings his formidable storytelling and reporting skills to bear, whether he’s facing off against migrant-robbing thugs in a deserted train station or finding himself staring straight into the front of a drug war. Some of the visions in this book are scary and bleak, but Hadden always manages to find examples of human generosity and unexpected kindness. He shows his subjects in all their humanity, capturing the worst and best of the human spirit along the way.”—Dan White, author of The Cactus Eaters

Be sure to check out the video below of Hadden describing some of the exciting adventures chronicled in the book, paired with powerful pictures collected along the way:

If you would like a print copy of Never the Hope Itself (ISBN: 9780062020079, paperback, $14.99) to review for possible course adoption, please fill out our online desk copy form.

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