Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THE BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE WRITING 2011: Hot Air, The Estrogen Dilemma, and The Trouble With Scientists!

THE BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE WRITING 2011 edited by Rebecca Skloot, Floyd Skloot, and Jesse Cohen
With the eleventh installment of the popular annual series, HarperCollins is pleased to present The Best American Science Writing 2011.  Edited by New York Times bestselling author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and award-winning science writer Rebecca Skloot, her father—award winning poet and author Floyd Skloot—and longtime series editor Jesse Cohen, this volume features 20 thought-provoking, compelling, and timely essays from some of America’s leading scientists and writers. 
This year’s contributors include Michael S. Rosenwald, Katy Butler, John Colapinto, Charles Homans, Carl Zimmer, Julia Whitty, Cynthia Gorney, Charles Siebert, Amy Harmon, Cari Beauchamp, Judy Balaban, John Brenkus, Alan Schwarz, Deborah Blum, Ed Yong, Tim Folger, Burkhard Bilger, Kristin Ohlson, Michael Specter, Mark Bowden, Peter J. Boyer, and Andrew Curry.

The topics explored this year cover the entire scientific spectrum, ranging from “Earth on Fire” to “Gut Bacteria in Japanese People Borrowed Sushi-Digesting Genes from Ocean Bacteria.”; from biochemistry, physics, and astronomy, to genetics, evolutionary theory, and cognition. Your students will be exposed to the best examples of scientific and technical writing that 2011 has to offer while also providing a comprehensive overview of the year’s most compelling, relevant, and exciting scientific developments.

Praise for The Best American Science Writing:
“It is rare to be offered such a diverse collection of science writing, even more, one that can be enjoyed by laymen, scientists, and writers alike.”—Nature
“Contemporary science’s best answers to . . . eternal riddles.”—Fortune
If you’d like to consider The Best American Science Writing 2011 (paperback, $14.99) for one of your classes, please fill out our online desk copy form.

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