Monday, July 18, 2011

Galley Giveaway: Blake Butler’s Daring Memoir NOTHING: A PORTRAIT OF INSOMNIA

ALL OF OUR GALLEYS HAVE BEEN GIVEN AWAY! Please visit us again for new giveaways.

Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia is Blake Butler’s first full-length work of non-fiction, which details his epic struggle with insomnia, and its unexpected consequences on his imagination, his creative process, and his perspective on reality. Butler—literary critic and author of the novel There Is No Year—weaves together his personal experience, scientific data, historical anecdotes, and mechanisms for the understanding of the disorder. Nothing is a book about sleep trouble as well as childhood, mazes, dreamwork, creation, addiction and medication, sexuality, darkness, and obsession. Butler provides a stunning example for your students of the creative possibilities of non-fiction.

Here’s some impressive praise that Blake Butler has received:

“If there’s a more thoroughly brilliant and exciting new writer than Blake Butler . . . well, there just isn’t.”—Dennis Cooper

“Butler is an original force who is fearless with form. . . . [an] inventive and deeply promising young author.”—Time Out New York

Even though most people will have to wait until October to get a hold of Nothing—10 lucky HarperAcademic readers won’t have to!

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