Friday, May 20, 2011

The opitmus liber of beginning Latin textbooks: WHEELOCK'S LATIN 7TH EDITION

WHEELOCK'S LATIN 7TH EDITION edited by Richard A. LaFleurWheelock's Latin, the now classic, single-volume introductory Latin textbook is in its seventh edition!

When Professor Frederic M. Wheelock's Latin first appeared in 1956, the reviews extolled its thoroughness, organization, and conciseness. One reviewer predicted that the book “might well become the standard text” for introducing students to elementary Latin. Now, nearly six decades later, that prediction has certainly proved accurate.

Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition (9780061997228, paper, $21.99) retains all of the features that have made it the bestselling single-volume beginning Latin textbook, including:
  • 40 chapters with grammatical explanations and readings based on ancient Roman authors
  • Self-tutorial exercises with an answer key for independent students
  • An extensive English-Latin/Latin-English vocabulary section
  • A rich selection of original Latin readings—unlike other textbooks which contain primarily made-up Latin texts
  • Etymological aids, maps, and images illustrating aspects of classical culture, mythology, and historical and literary figures presented in the chapter readings
The fully updated 7th edition has 48 additional pages of content:
  • Expanded comments on vocabulary and translation tips
  • All new authentic classical Latin readings, including Roman graffiti, in every chapter
  • Additional notes on each chapter’s reading passages to provide fuller insight on Roman culture and literature
  • New comprehension and discussion questions
  • Dozens of new photographs and drawings, as well as numerous formatting and design updates make the book more visually appealing

Additionally, the Wheelock’s website, teacher’s guide, and other ancillaries have also been updated and expanded in conjunction with this new edition, and the answer key uses cutting edge technology to keep it more secure than ever.

To request the answer key, please fill out this form. Desk copies may be requested by filling out this form.

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