Monday, May 2, 2011

Givaway: 5 Free Copies of Steven Marche's HOW SHAKESPEARE CHANGED EVERYTHING for Educators!

Now available, Stephen Marche’s How Shakespeare Changed Everything is sure to be a valuable resource for teachers for years to come. Full of fun and fascinating tidbits, Marche proves that Shakespeare’s impact stretches far beyond his masterpieces—his influence can be found all around us.

Did you know?

  • Starlings, a pesty species of small bird that now plague Central Park, were originally imported and released into New York by Eugene Schieffelin in 1890 as a part of his plan to introduce every bird mentioned by Shakespeare into North America.

    • A few months after Hitler became chancellor of Germany, the Nazi Party issued a pamphlet entitled “Shakespeare—a Germanic Writer,” and in 1936 there were more productions of Shakespeare in Germany than in the rest of the world combined.

    • Shakespeare coined somewhere in the vicinity of 1700 words, including: lackluster, fashionable, auspicious, bandit, glow, hush, dawn, gnarled, hobnob, traditional, and even the name Jessica.

    • Abraham Lincoln read Shakespeare aloud as he was sailing up the Potomac days before his death and, through mysterious coincidence, chose Macbeth to recite, the very play in which Shakespeare is believed to have invented the word “assassination.”

    • In 1943, Paul Robeson became the first black actor to play the part of Othello on Broadway. Robeson famously said of his performance, “Othello has made me free.”

    • Tolstoy hated Shakespeare with a passion. He spent a year rereading all of the plays, considering them deeply, and then wrote a spite-fuelled evisceration of Shakespeare’s reputation in a book called Tolstoy on Shakespeare.

    Marche gives students a fresh look at how Shakespeare permeates our everyday lives, but, more importantly, how the world as we know it would not exist without Shakespeare.

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