Friday, April 22, 2011

Professors Give David Orr's BEAUTIFUL & POINTLESS Great Praise!

Beautiful and Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry
By David Orr
Perfect for the closing weeks of National Poetry Month, David Orr’s Beautiful and Pointless serves as a guide for students struggling to read—and write—poetry. Orr argues that true appreciation of poetry relies more on building a personal relationship with a piece—rather than working through a checklist of analysis. Engaging, amusing, and stimulating, this is a book that allows students to see how an individual reads and writes poetry, helping them become better equipped to connect with poetry.

Beautiful and Pointless has already received amazing praise from some prestigious professors including:

  • "Beautiful and Pointless has the Horatian virtues: it instructs and delights. Witty, surprising, yet also profound, David Orr uses his laser-like intelligence to illuminate everything from the stakes of poetic form to the sizzle of poetry-world chat: his book is that rare thing, a simultaneously pleasurable and edifying adventure. Here is a book for poetry-lovers and poetry-phobes, for insiders as well as those who've never willingly read a poem. Unafraid of polemic yet animated by a companionable generosity, this is a book to hook students and provoke experts. Orr doesn't just play the poetry game; he redraws the field and invites us all in."—Maureen McLane, Associate Professor of English, New York University
  • Beautiful and Pointless is a lot of fun. It should also see a lot of use: in classrooms at several levels, as well as in cars and on kitchen tables and in libraries (collegiate and otherwise), wherever people want an un-stuffy, informed, sometimes funny and consistently useful introduction to the big whirl of bright lights and fainter constellations that constitutes present-day poetry. As you might expect from his award-winning columns in the New York Times Book Review, Poetry magazine, and elsewhere, Orr says just what he thinks—about individual poems and poets, about their motives and their techniques, and about why some their work has changed him. Beginners will enjoy the demystifications, the wisecracks, and the asides (as well as the insights adjoining them); more advanced students, especially those who might someday (perhaps next week) be teaching beginners themselves, have something to learn not just from Orr's tastes and ideas but from the ways in which he sets them forth.”—Stephen Burt, Associate Professor of English, Harvard University
  • “David Orr is an authentic iconoclast. His criticism is exuberant and original. Dr. Johnson, my critical hero, urged us to clear our mind of can’t. Orr has cleared his. He will enhance the perception of his readers.”—Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of the Humanities, Yale University
Students will reap the benefits of this clear-eyed journey through the world of modern poetry, all while gaining greater insight into their inner-poet. This is sure to be a mainstay in classrooms for years to come.

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