Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Galley Giveaway: Dan Fante’s Touching Memoir: FANTE

FANTE by Dan Fante
In Fante: A Family’s Legacy of Writing, Drinking, and Surviving, Dan Fante traces his family’s history from the hillsides of Italy to the immigrant neighborhoods of Colorado to Los Angeles. There, his father—respected novelist—John Fante struggles to gain the literary recognition he so badly craves; despite the publication of his best known work, Ask the Dust, he turns to the steady paycheck of Hollywood, working as a screenwriter to support his family.

We follow Dan through a troubled childhood to his discovery of life’s vices through work as a carnival barker and later as he hitchhikes to New York City, where he drives a taxi for twelve years. While John Fante’s rage over his perceived failures as a writer and his struggle with debilitating diabetes make him more and more miserable, Dan struggles with alcoholic blackouts, suicidal thoughts and what he deems a broken mind.

In straightforward unapologetic prose, Dan Fante lays bare his family’s story from his point of view, with the rage and passion of a writer, which he feels was his true inheritance and his father’s greatest gift.

Can’t wait until August to find out more? You might not have to! If you are one of the first 5 respondents to email academic@harpercollins.com*, you will receive a galley of Fante. In your email, please be sure to provide:

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