Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elaine Hall, The Miracle Project, Autism: The Musical, and a Story of Hope

NOW IS SEE THE MOON by Elaine HallWhen her son, Neal, was diagnosed with autism, former Hollywood acting coach Elaine Hall, aka Coach E, took matters into her own hands and used her resources to guide him toward an increasingly independent life. In the process, she founded The Miracle Project, a groundbreaking organization that uses the performing arts to connect with children with autism.

Both controversial and unorthodox, Elaine's innovative approach has been praised by leaders in the field of autism—and she and The Miracle Project became the subject of the Emmy-Award-winning documentary Autism: The Musical.

In Now I See the Moon: A Mother, a Son, and the Miracle of Autism, Elaine tells her own story—giving parents and educators new tools to work with as they strive to make better futures for children with autism. (9780061743818, paperback, $14.99)

"A miracle of ingenuity, human intimacy, and creativity. This magnificent work vividly demonstrates the joy and hope of discovering the creative and emotional capacities that exist in all children."—Dr. Stanley Greenspan, author of Engaging Autism

Educators may request a desk copy by using this form.

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