Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don’t Know Much About Poetry? Find Out For Sure!

Don't Know Much About Literature: What You Need to Know but Never Learned About Great Books and Authors by Kenneth C. DavisIn honor of April—also known in some circles as National Poetry Month—bestselling author, Kenneth C. Davis, has devised a torturous pop quiz for you to test your knowledge of poetry. Picking seven of the most famous poems in history, Davis provides you with the opening lines—and that’s about it! Can your students guess the poet and title? Can you get them all right? This quick but fun activity is sure to liven up a poetry unit.

The quiz can be found here:

How did you do on the quiz? Are you a bit embarrassed—like me? Well don’t fret, we're here to help. After refreshing your memory of famous poets like Alan Ginsberg, Pablo Neruda, and E. E. cummings—and seeking a little help from Davis’ Don’t Know Much About Literature—you will be a poetry aficionado in no time!

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