Thursday, March 17, 2011

Laura Brodie's ONE GOOD YEAR- An Intriguing Look Into One Home-Schooling Parent's Journey

Laura Brodie’s One Good Year: A Mother and Daughter's Educational Adventure is a funny and inspiring story of human foibles and human potential, in which love, anger, and hope mingle with reading, math, and American history.

After years of watching her eldest daughter, Julia, struggle in a highly regimented public school system, Laura Brodie determined to teach her ten-year-old at home for a year. Although friends were skeptical and her husband predicted disaster, Brodie had visions of one ideal year of learning. The monotony of fill-in-the-blank history and math worksheets would be replaced with studying dinosaurs and Mayan hieroglyphics, conversational French, violin lessons, and field trips to art museums, science fairs, bookstores, and concerts.

As today’s parents ponder their children’s educations, wondering how to respond to everything from homework overload to bullying to the boredom of excessive test preparations, One Good Year gives a informative look into the popular alternative of home-schooling, which has been embraced by millions.

“A detailed, lesson-by-lesson story of the challenges and delights mother and daughter faced in Julia’s ‘sabbatical’ year. [Brodie] offers a compromise to frustrated parents—a mixture of home and public schooling that many readers will feel is the solution they have been looking for.”—Los Angeles Times

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