Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One And Done: Kenneth C. Davis Explores the Makings of One Term Presidents

With President’s Day less than a week away, and discussion of the next presidential election already building momentum, Kenneth C. Davis has begun exploring the idea of two-term presidents, and why some of our nation’s past leaders have failed to be re-elected. In his blog post, “Would you like one term or two?”, Davis provides a historical analysis of the common themes that have limited some presidents to 1,461 days in office (one term) rather than 2,922 that goes with two. Some of the factors preventing re-election include:

  • Following a widely popular president
  • Not winning the popular vote
  • An "ineffective" term
  • A poor economy

For more fun—yet incrediblyinformative—looks into our nation, its history, and how it runs, be sure to check out Kenneth C. Davis' Blog, as well as his widely popular Don't Know Much About History.

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