Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Graphic Novelization Ginsberg's HOWL

In this stunningly beautiful graphic novelization, Eric Drooker brings one of the most important epic poems in American history to life. Providing students with a stanza-by-stanza vizualization of Allen Ginsberg's Howl, Drooker's art dutifully captures this prophetic masterpiece, making it the most accessible it has ever been.

Drooker is perhaps the most qualified artist to undertake the task of lending interpretive artwork to this most influential poem, which shines a light—and rages against—a dehumanizing society; he and Ginsberg previously collaborated on Illustrated Poems. Drooker also served as the Animation Designer for the animated portion of the 2010 film Howl.

Praise for Ginsberg and Howl:

“Ginsberg is both tragic and dynamic, a lyrical genius, con man extraordinaire and probably the single greatest influence on American poetical voice since Whitman.”
— Bob Dylan

"In publishing 'Howl,' I was curious to leave behind after my generation an emotional time bomb that would continue exploding in U.S. consciousness, in case our military-industrial-nationalist complex solidified into a repressive police bureaucracy. I was also curious to see how [Eric Drooker] would interpret my work. And I thought that with today's lowered attention span TV consciousness, this would be a kind of updating of the presentation of my work . "

—Allen Ginsberg 

Please let us know if you need an exam or desk copy of this book.

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