Monday, September 13, 2010

Early Christianity Expert Pamela Eisenbaum Presents Little-Known, True Story of the Apostle Paul

Paul Was Not a Christian: The Original Message of a Misunderstood Apostle by Pamela EisenbaumIn Paul Was Not a Christian: The Original Message of a Misunderstood Apostle, Professor Pamela Eisenbaum gives students an intense look at the historical Paul to reveal some startling truths: The apostle Paul was NOT a convert to Christianity. In fact, he believed that Jesus would unite Jews and Gentiles and that his work would be part of an evolution of the Jewish faith. Since there was no religious category known as “Christianity” at the time, Eisenbaum positions Paul’s faith in Jesus and his teachings as his hope for a reformation of the Jewish faith—not the formation of a new one.

Eisenbaum, reverses the image we have of Paul as a model for Christian conversion and greatly increases our understanding of both Judaism and Christianity. Provocatively argued and far-reaching in its implications, Paul Was Not a Christian is a much-needed corrective to the traditional portrait of Paul and his divisive legacy.
Praise for Paul Was Not a Christian:

“This book’s great accomplishment is to show us a historically plausible picture of a fully Jewish Paul who was also fully committed to Christ.”—Dr. Stanley Stowers, Chair of Religious Studies, Brown University

“Very highly recommended to both scholars and laypersons as all will gain from it.”—Alan F. Segal, Professor of Religion and Jewish Studies Barnard College, Columbia University

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