Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bible Basics for Students

BIBLICAL LITERACY by Timothy BealAfter my first week in college, it became very clear to me that I would not flourish as a literature major if I didn't "get" the Biblical references that are peppered throughout most of Western literature. Only one student in my intro course did—and she was a minister's daughter. The rest of us barely knew the basics—and we spent the rest of the semester playing catch up.

I'm glad that I put in the effort. Yes, I did nicely on the my term paper—but—even today—knowing the key stories of the Old and New Testaments helps me make sense of art, politics, world affairs, and people.

Frankly, I would have been grateful to have been assigned Timothy Beal's Biblical Literacy: The Essential Stories Everyone Needs to Know. Professor Beal's book covers the Old and New Testaments—and he showcases the Bible stories that have most shaped history and our world. He provides the key information students need to understand these profound stories—and he delves into important historical and cultural background information so that students can fully understand the impact of these stories on the world we live in now.

The paperback edition will publish in October (ISBN 9780061718670, $15.99). If you think Biblical Literacy makes sense for your students, please request a desk copy.

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