Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes Praised in The Classical Outlook Journal

Scribblers, Sculptors and Scribes: A Companion to Wheelock's Latin and Other Introductory Textbooks, edited by Richard A. LaFleurRecently, the supplementary reader for the Wheelock’s Latin curriculum, Scribblers, Sculptors and Scribes was featured in The Classical Outlook journal. Edited by Richard A. LaFleur, one of the country’s leading Latinists, this reader is the first to offer original Latin source text for every level of learner. Students will use original inscriptions, proverbs, and texts to successfully complement and enhance their study of Latin.

In addition, LaFleur constructed an answer key to aid educators in incorporating this text into their curriculum. Available through a service known as NetGalley, the answer key for Scribblers, Sculptors and Scribes can be requested by educators once they have created a free account. After filling out a short form, qualifying individuals will be granted access to the key.
The following is an excerpt from the Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes feature in The Classical Outlook:

“Scribblers, Sculptors and Scribes: A Companion to Wheelock’s Latin and Other Introductory Textbooks (ISBN 0061259187) is an outstanding new anthology of thoroughly authentic, unaltered classical texts, selected and annotated for students who are just beginning to read Latin. Expertly edited by Richard A. LaFleur, the content of Scribblers, Sculptors and Scribe is divided into forty chapters specifically linked to corresponding lessons in the Wheelock curriculum, but may be used as an ancillary with any entry-level Latin course. LaFleur’s introduction provides the context for this reader, which is to provide students with an understanding and appreciation for the writings of everyday Roman men and women, as well as the “movers and shakers” of the Empire.”

If you would like to consider Scribblers, Sculptors and Scribes for one of your classes, please order an examination copy. If you've already decided to require this book, please request a desk copy.

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