Thursday, August 5, 2010

For the Writer in Us All: Author Tony Romano Launches New Website!

If You Eat, You Never Die by Tony RomanoTony Romano , the critically acclaimed author of When the World Was Young and If You Eat, You Never Die,has recently launched a personal website. While the entire website provides an interesting look into Tony’s mind, perhaps the most fascinating (and valuable) element is his “On Writing” section. Here, Tony provides activities to help all writers; whether accomplished authors or a class full of young students who are just finding their “writing legs,” Tony’s tips and activities are sure to help. With productive but fun writing prompts and activities—one of which asks you to write a dialogue between two people you have encountered in your life—Tony is extending his writing expertise in an incredibly accessible way. In addition to the writing prompts, Tony also shares some personal tricks to breaking out of “writers block” and preventing a burn-out; one tip I found incredibly helpful was his advice to learn when the best thing you can do for your writing is to take a break from it! This website is sure to be continuously helpful for educators of all levels, with Tony poised to provide us new tips on a fairly regular basis.

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