Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are You Friends With Mark Twain? Would You Like to Be?

Mark Twain
With social media sights becoming more and more popular, teachers seem to be scrambling to find ways of incorporating them into their curriculum. Yesterday I came across what I feel is the cleverest way to date. Simple in theory, a teacher came up with a template that mirrors a Facebook page. What better way for a student to demonstrate knowledge about a famous person from history or a character from a story than to create a Facebook profile for them? The actually template may not be totally applicable to all subjects but the idea surely is!

Who do you wish—whether from history, literature, or current events—had a Facebook account? What do you think it would say? Call me cheesy but this just seems like it would be lots of fun.
Below I’ve listed some famous people that I, personally, would love to see profiles for:
Mark Twain
· Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird

Feel free to comment with other potential “profiles” or with any other innovative uses of the Facebook-template idea.

If you would like to consider any of the above titles for one of your classes, please order an examination copy. If you've already decided to require this book, please request a desk copy.

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