Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maintaining Academic Integrity in the 21st Century

Cheating. It is the elephant in the room in regards to a classroom education and students, who are literally told from the time they enter the educational system as young children that cheating is wrong—yet they continue to cheat as young adults in the collegiate environment. Today's students seem to be particularly brazen with applying their high-tech tricks to deceptively obtain a passing grade, since the simple hands-on wizardry of the 21st century—the Internet, smartphones, digital cameras—leads to the easy temptation to cheat.

The New York Times has recently devoted a series of articles to the problem of cheating in education. How do you deal with cheating students at your school? Does your academic institution use software to spot plagiarism? What do you do when you catch a student cheat? Do you feel that an honor code against cheating is enforceable?

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