Tuesday, May 18, 2010

John Crowley's FOUR FREEDOMS

FOUR FREEDOMS by John Crowley“There are some people—and I’m one of them—for whom life consists only of passing the time between novels by John Crowley.”—Michael Chabon, author of Manhood For Amateurs

I can say the same as Michael Chabon. However, I admit that I didn't jump in willingly. Colleagues told me that I "had" to read Little, Big—but I could never seem to find the time to read a nearly 600-page book featuring characters named Smoky Barnable and Daily Alice Drinkwater. Another push by John's publisher—and I sat down on a rainy Sunday morning with Little, Big—and I didn't move until it was time for dinner. And, that's how I joined the Crowley camp. I'm in good company. Howard Bloom is also a fan: “Little, Big seems to me as miraculous as Shakespeare or Lewis Carroll: it is as if the book had always been there. . . as though John Crowley found it, and brought it home with him and to us.”

Since that rainy Sunday, I've waited for the next novel by John Crowley with great anticipation—and I have never been disappointed. Next was The Translator ("Crowley’s subject matter is grand and serious, involving nothing less than the souls of nations and the transforming power of language.”—New York Times Book Review) which was followed by Lord Byron's Novel (“An astounding display of scholarship and imagination."—Washington Post Book World).

Now, John Crowley's Four Freedoms is available in paperback. Set in World War II America, Four Freedoms follows the stories of a group of aircraft factory workers. Named one of the Best Books of 2009 by the Washington Post, Four Freedoms “perfectly captures an era—WWII America—when the chosen are overseas and the left-behind are granted a rare moment of possibility. Crowley’s extraordinary characters and the poignant, funny, disturbing ways they find to connect with one another make you wish this war would never end.” (San Francisco Chronicle)
And, the wait for the next novel begins again.

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