Monday, April 12, 2010

REBIRTH OF A NATION by Jackson Lears in Paperback on June 8

The best history books are the ones that can tell us both about the period on which the author chose to write, but also the time in which we currently live. Rebirth of a Nation is exactly that kind of book. Coming soon in paperback, Rebirth is an engrossing look at the period between the Civil War and World War I. Award-winning historian Jackson Lears’s book garnered immense critical praise from the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Richard White of The Nation says:

“Good historians do not want to be agreed with; they want to change the terms of the argument. Jackson Lears has written a wonderful history that has done just that. Lears has grasped with Rebirth of a Nation an opportunity for reinterpreting a period that seems almost a doppelganger of our own. . . . Lears is a cultural historian, one of the founders of the modern field and in many ways its most illustrious American practitioner. . . . He has written a book to be reckoned with. Wherever the history of the period goes from here, it will have to go through Jackson Lears.”

If you have adopted the book for a class, please order a complimentary desk copy. If you would like to consider it for course adoption, you may order a discounted exam copy.

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