Friday, April 16, 2010


What was the happiest news you got this week? Well, mine was the starred review in Library Journal for Michael J. Sullivan's Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness.

Michael J. Sullivan is a talented and determined guy—and the husband of a friend and co-worker. Since he's married to a publishing maven—Michael knew how difficult it was going to be to get his novel published—but he kept going. Necessary Heartbreak began as a very successful self-published novel: Happily, it landed on Barnes&'s Top 50 List. There—it caught the eye of a savvy editor at Gallery Books—and Necessary Heartbreak is now available in bookstores.

Necessary Heartbreak tells the story of Michael Stewart, a single father raising his teenaged daughter and doing the best he can at work and at home. But he's turned his back on his faith—that is, until he and his daughter Elizabeth slip through a mysterious door. . . . and find themselves in first-century Jerusalem during the tumultous last week of Jesus Christ's life. Michael realizes that before they can escape from the past—he must experience history's most necessary heartbreak in order to live, love, and reclaim the blessings he has in the present.

Make certain to read the first chapter of Necessary Heartbreak.

Oh, and that starred review from Library Journal!: "Single father Michael Stewart is a survivor of a difficult childhood, but he has lost his faith. He and his daughter are volunteering at a food pantry when they slip through a magic door that transports them to first-century Jerusalem, where they come into contact with Judas Iscariot and Jesus Christ himself. VERDICT This wonderful time-slip novel. . .will appeal to fans of Anne Rice's recent religious fiction (e.g., Christ the Lord)."

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