Monday, April 26, 2010

The Humanistic Message of Dr. Rick Hodes: "This is a Soul"

This is a Soul by Marylin Berger Dr. Rick Hodes, an American-born doctor, has spent most of his life treating serious spinal diseases in Ethopia, a country with fewer than three physicians for every 45,000 inhabitants. As journalist Marylin Berger explains in This is a Soul, her book about the life and work of Dr. Hodes, the vast majority of his patients are children.

Henry A. Kissinger calls This is a Soul, “a fascinating, richly moving and emotionally powerful book.” Focusing on the extraordinary career of a doctor who spent the past 28 years of his life treating severe diseases in impoverished populations, This is a Soul is a deeply humanistic look at global healthcare.

Dr. Hodes says of his insistence on sending pictures of his subjects to the labs, “Doctors always ask why I send photos, why I don’t just send the x-rays and blood studies . . . I want them to know this is a human being. . . . This isn’t just a back. This is a soul.”

This is a Soul epitomizes the ideal freshman read book. Like Three Cups of Tea and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, This is a Soul crosses disciplines (science, medicine, ethics, public policy) to provide a window into the greater problems and debates that frame our global society. Dr. Hodes’s story can help to inform a new generation of activists, doctors and policy makers about the challenges and, ultimately, triumphs of the global medical community.

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