Thursday, March 18, 2010

Teaching Social Justice and Christianity: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY by Diane Butler Bass

In A People's History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story, Diane Butler Bass, author of Christianity for the Rest of Us, showcases the grassroots evolution of Christianity by bringing to light the stories of the faithful who have impacted the church and the world. These stories rarely surface in traditional Christian history, and they reveal the movements, personalities, and spiritual practices that continue to inform and ignite contemporary Christian activism and social justice reforms.

Praise for A People's History of Christianity:

"A persuasive argument that the real traditions of the church are ‘faith, hope, and love entwined.’”—Washington Post

“It would be difficult to imagine anyone reading this book without finding some new insight or inspiration, some new and unexpected testimony to the astonishing breadth of Christianity through the centuries.”—Philip Jenkins, author of The Lost History of Christianity

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  1. As a christian minister interested in the metaphysical aspects of christ, I came across this book in the British Library and can highly recommend Butler Bass's clear and excellent narrative. A definite must read.