Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Origins of Terrorism: BLOOD AND RAGE by Michael Burleigh

In Blood and Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism, Michael Burleigh, author of Sacred Causes and Earthly Powers, continues his exploration of the nature of terrorism. Starting at its origins in the West, he introduces students to the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Russian Nihilists, and the London-based anarchists of Black International, and he takes them inside today’s terrorist campaigns that are fueled by fundamentalists.

Emphasizing the resentments that spawn terrorism rather than the ideological or religious reasons used to justify it, Burleigh reveals who the terrorist groups are, how they organize and operate, what motivates their violence, and how wider support encourages them.

Praise for Blood and Rage:

“An ambitious cultural history. . . . [Burleigh] seamlessly synthesizes vast amounts of historical material and provides often riveting accounts of terrorist atrocities and the literary and political environments where they took place.”— New York Times Book Review

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