Friday, March 19, 2010

The Emotional Life of a Family: THE WEIGHT OF HEAVEN by Thrity Umrigar

When Frank and Ellie Benton lose their only child, 7-year-old Benny, to a sudden illness, the perfect life they had built is shattered. An unexpected job offer and a move to India give them an opportunity to start again—but their new life is filled with peril as well as promise.

In the rich tradition of the acclaimed works of Indian writers such as Rohinton Mistry, Akhil Sharma, Indra Sinha, and Jhumpa Lahiri, Thrity Umrigar's The Weight of Heaven: A Novel is an emotionally charged story that offers unique perspectives—both American and Indian—on the fragmented nature of modern India.

Praise for The Weight of Heaven:

“Umrigar is a perceptive and often piercing writer.” —New York Times Book Review

“Umrigar carries a burden as heavy as the title by using a tale of personal tragedy to depict the balance of power in global economics. . . . Her observations are dispassionate and astute enough to deliver at both levels. This is a morality tale tuned to our times.”Cleveland Plain Dealer

Powerful. . . . Twisty, brimming with dark humor and keen moral insight, The Weight of Heaven packs a wallop on both a literary and emotional level. . . . Umrigar is a master of delineating the ethical lines Frank and Ellie cross, with, at least at first, the best of intentions. . . . [She] is a descriptive master.—Christian Science Monitor

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  1. when we lose someone we love, we think that a big part of us is gone..we no longer want to exist..we become tend to forget your purpose and meaning of your come one can you forget one's own presence when in fact the world will continue to go on despite the loss of that love one...